Office Screens

Panel Warehouse are a UK Manufacturer of Low Cost, Free Standing Standard Office Screens, Glazed Office Partitions and Mobile Room Dividers. All our Office Partition Screens and Dividers are available for Fast Delivery in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit your requirements.

Office Screen Dividers and Partitions have for many years been a cost effective solution to maximising space within the Office, Classroom and wider workplace.  During the Coronavirus pandemic Office Screens have been used in the workplace by many businesses and organisations to form protective barriers alongside other measures to prevent the spread of germs and to enforce social distancing.

Adapting offices and classrooms in these challenging times so that staff, colleagues, customers and students feel more protected in their working environment has never been more necessary.  

With so many products available on the market finding the right product at the right price and quality to suit your needs can be overwhelming, this is where we can help.

For over 30 years we have been successfully manufacturing our complete range of Office Screens and Partitions to cater for numerous uses from dividing desks to partitioning rooms. We offer an extensive range of tried and tested screen types, sizes, fabrics and colours as well as helpful and knowledgeable product advice to help you choose the right Office Screen product to suit your requirements.

We design and build all our Office Screens to be lightweight, easy to manage and move into place giving you the flexibility to divide space quickly and easily without any specialist knowledge or the need for an installation team.

We also understand the customer’s need for quality at a realistic cost and have made it our mission to produce made to order Screens at our best price at all times.

Panel Warehouse Office Screens are low cost and incredibly durable, offering numerous practical uses has made them a firm favourite with Schools, Businesses and Venues.

Depending on your requirements you may choose to create flexible individual personal work spaces for staff, allowing them the space to feel comfortable within their environment. 

You may wish to divide space in a large open plan office, classroom or reception area so that the area is more organised and productive.

As the Covcd 19 vaccine rollout increases more venues such as sports halls, libraries and churches are adopting Freestanding Office Screens to partition areas for privacy purposes too.  Office Screens are low cost and easy to move into position as and when required. 

Displaying important information and instructions in these challenging times has become standard. Partitioning areas with our Pinnable Free Standing Office Screens will allow you to display lightweight signage and important information or advice with push pins.  You may wish to offer guidance or directions so that colleagues or patients understand the flow of traffic through areas of your building.  

As we have highlighted, partitioning areas with Regular or Standard Office Screens is just one example of the type of screen you may wish to consider.

Many clients have opted to introduce Glazed Office Screens or Desk Top, Desk Mounted Partition Screens to the workplace.

Glazed Office Screens have been adopted by some clients as a way of introducing social distancing. Acrylic glazing forms a large part of these freestanding screens and are popular with clients wanting protective screens without reducing the natural daylight within their workspace. 

Clients have advised that by using Clear Perspex Glazed Screens they have been able to adapt their work area quickly to make colleagues feel more comfortable and confident. Whilst areas had been clearly adapted to implement a socially distanced working environment, colleagues felt that they were still able to see and communicate with each other.

Office Screens and Room Dividers from Panel Warehouse are an affordable and versatile way to organise open space within an office, school or church without having to make expensive, permanent refurbishments. 

We manufacture a number of screen solutions, all with a pinnable surface, including Regular Freestanding Screens, Glazed Vision Screens, Desktop Partitions and Mobile Folding Concertina Screens.  All Panel Warehouse screens are offered in a wide choice of sizes and colours to compliment your existing office furniture.

With a huge range of styles, sizes and colours available for you to choose from you are guaranteed to find a room divider and screen solution that is right for you.

From our production unit in Manchester we manufacture everything from desk top screens through to floor standing office dividers.

Not only can we offer an office screen to suit your requirements and budget but as one of the fastest manufacturers on the web we can match if not exceed your delivery deadline too!

For over 25 years we have been manufacturing low cost office screens and free standing room dividers from our production unit in Manchester. During this time we have seen our screens put to work in a whole range of uses including dividing desks, partitioning rooms, offices and classrooms as well as creating private work and study areas.

You would say that we are experts in our field – we know what works and can supply a product to suit your requirements and your budget!

Panel Warehouse office screens are manufactured with the user in mind, all products are designed to be freestanding, lightweight, easy to assemble and install. 

We also offer a superb range of accessories to help you link screens together and castors to make your room dividers mobile.

As manufacturers we offer our customers the best price at all times. Without compromising quality we price everything with the budget conscious in mind. 

All Panel Warehouse office screens are offered at low prices, many satisfied customers have said that we offer the cheapest and the best value office screens on the internet, praise indeed!

We are incredibly proud of what we do and pride ourselves on offering affordable products and outstanding customer service

Take a look at our Office Screens range today and if you have any questions please do get in contact we will be happy to help.