Combination Notice Boards

For those with differing needs, why not invest in some combination notice boards? These fantastic boards give you the best of both worlds, with a whiteboard on one side of the board, and a cork or felt covered pin board on the other. Combination notice boards are one of the most versatile products on the market, and are now available to order from Panel Warehouse.

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6 Items
  • Felt Eraser For Dry Wipe Board
    £2.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • Combi Noticeboard size 600 x 400
    £13.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • Dry Wipe Marker Pens
    £7.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • Twin Surface Notice Board / Dry Wipe Board
    £66.00 (Ex.VAT)
  • Non Magnetic Combination Board Half Fiesta Fabric
    £46.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • Magnetic Combination Board Half Fiesta Fabric
    £49.50 (Ex.VAT)

Replace your old notice boards with brilliant new combination notice boards from the Panel Warehouse online store. These innovative new notice boards are divided into two useful sections. One for pinning notices, and the other with a dry wipe writing surface. Perfect for schools, offices and a variety of other establishments, combination notice boards offer the best of both worlds; with a reliable portal for notes and notices, in addition to a writing board for ad hoc notes and last minute updates.

Our combination notice boards are available in a variety of sizes so that organisations of every size, in every sector can find the ideal solution for their needs. Panel Warehouse combination notice boards are available with felt and cork pin board sections. Felt covered pin boards are available in a wide variety of colours which can be chosen to match with the existing decor of an office or class room; or can be chosen to match a company’s branding. These ingenious twin surface boards offer the best of both worlds; and the most versatile notice board solution available online.

Panel Warehouse offers a variety of office screens and displays stands, and boasts more than two decades of experience in manufacturing high quality low cost office solutions, including the all new range of combination notice boards. Our large customer base includes schools, business, retailers, hospitals, universities and much more spread across the length and breadth of the UK.

When you buy combination notice boards or anything else from the massive Panel Warehouse range you get the best price available online, because you are cutting out the middle man. Panel Warehouse manufactures these notice boards to your order, which means there isn’t a need for a supplier. You get the very best price, and you don’t miss out on quality, because we are committed to delivering the very best. Our combination notice boards are thoroughly quality checked before they are distributed to ensure that you receive the best notice boards possible; guaranteed to last for many years.

Explore the range of twin surface, combination notice boards available here today, and choose the perfect size notice boards for your needs. We will deliver them fast and you can have them installed in your workplace in a matter of days.