Made in the UK

"We are, very satisfied with your excellent company, for prompt and kind service. Your standards are first class and all of you are a credit to the economy of our country” Aycliffe Nature Park Association

Panelwarehouse.com is proud to be a UK manufacturing company. As many UK based companies opt to outsource their manufacturing operations outside of the country, we remain committed to bucking the trend. We feel that not only can we compete with our oversea rivals but better them in just about every field, including quality, price, on-time delivery and service.

The Benefits to you

As a customer you won't have to wait for extended delivery dates that oversea carriers can suffer from. We manufacture and deliver from within the UK.

You won't have to speak to a third party, importer or somebody unconnected to the manufacturing process. You will deal direct with the manufacturer.

We can tailor make your order to your exact requirements.

We support UK employment and feel that we, as a country have the talent, quality and commitment to challenge any other workforce from around the globe.