Clear Protective Screens

Clear Protective Screens from Panel Warehouse provide an unobtrusive shield to help maintain social distancing to safe guard staff and customers during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Transparent plastic protection screens are manufactured from acrylic that can be wiped clean. Here at Panel Warehouse we offer a full range of desk mounted and floor standing sneeze guards in a choice of sizes to suit office desks and counters. Protection Screens can also be used between seating in waiting areas and in hair, nail and beauty salons.   All cough screens are sturdy and easy to assemble.

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31 Items
  • Commercial Office Screen
    £309.00 (Ex.VAT)
  • Glazed Gym Screen
    £293.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • Desk and Counter Dividers Small
    £154.00 (Ex.VAT)
  • Desk and Counter Dividers Large
    £175.00 (Ex.VAT)
  • Border Sneeze Screens
    £95.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • Sneeze Guard Headers
    £116.25 (Ex.VAT)
  • Defender Free Standing Acrylic Desk Screen
    £187.25 (Ex.VAT)
  • Defender Free Standing Acrylic Desk Screen With Cut Out
    £187.25 (Ex.VAT)
  • Desk Top Sneeze Screens with Cut Out
    £238.75 (Ex.VAT)
  • Mobile Acrylic Screen Divider with Window
    £375.00 (Ex.VAT)
  • Mobile Acrylic Screen Divider with Counter
    £375.00 (Ex.VAT)
  • Clear Protective Retractable Screens
    £75.00 (Ex.VAT)
  • Mobile Acrylic Screen Divider
    £405.00 (Ex.VAT)
  • The Front Safety Screen
    £142.95 (Ex.VAT)
  • The L Safety Screen
    £166.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • The U Safety Screen
    £189.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • The Mini Safety Screen
    £96.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • Mobile Sneeze Guard
    £498.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • The Service Safety Screen
    £133.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • Frameless Acrylic Desk Sneeze Screens
    £116.25 (Ex.VAT)
  • Acrylic Desk Divider Topper 300mm H
    £105.50 (Ex.VAT)
  • Acrylic Desk Divider Topper 200mm H
    £99.95 (Ex.VAT)
  • Floor Standing Sneeze Screens
    £199.00 (Ex.VAT)
  • Easy Clean Perspex Free Standing Screen 1200mm w x 1800mm h
    £309.75 (Ex.VAT)

As the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown rules start to ease and we welcome colleagues back to the office it is important that we look at ways to adapt the workplace to ensure colleagues and staff feel protected and safe from the spread of germs.  Clear Protective Screens or Sneeze Screens as they are sometimes known are made from acrylic or plastic and are available in wide range of styles such as desk mounted or floor standing.  Floor Standing Sneeze Screens are suitable for dividing seating in waiting areas, also hair and beauty salons and are available in a choice of widths and heights. Desk Mounted Screens are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit most popular desks widths and depths ideal for offices and counters tops, reception areas and shops. These clear low cost screens allow you to implement social distancing whilst maintaining an open aspect so that visual contact between staff, colleagues and customers can remain. Clear protective screens are particularly useful when people are face to face and also side by side.  Acrylic and plastic screens are easy to keep clean and can be wiped regularly to maintain hygiene standards. Acrylic Sneeze Screen Toppers are also a great solution to increasing the height of an existing screen, toppers are supplied with adjustable clamps that simply slot onto an existing screen minimising the expense of purchasing larger screens.   Protective plastic screens have become increasingly popular throughout the pandemic providing a practical protective partition solution in the office and workplace however if you are unsure what type of screen is best for you and you would like some advice please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 609 0262 for some advice.